This approach combines critical learning with the immediate application of new ideas in the workplace. It motivates the sales professional and provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their performance.

Across a 1-hour session, I conduct a 20-minute roleplay with a salesperson and make notes throughout. This will be run in a face-to-face environment although where necessary it can be done via Zoom or Teams

Afterwards, we discuss the individual’s strengths and how to develop them further. Then we look at any areas requiring improvement and examine techniques to address those.

I write up the notes with action points included and send them to the sales manager to support them in continuing the coaching process.

One-to-one sales coaching is as powerful for experienced sales professionals as it is necessary for new sales arrivals. Call me today to discuss how this approach can work for your sales team – I look forward to talking with you soon.


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Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for the training today - I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to take a moment to step back and analyse how I have been selling of late.

The notes are terrific thank you, I will share the handling objections document with my colleagues as I think most would find it useful.

Hope you have a wonderful BH weekend also and keep safe and well.

Catch up soon.

Best regards,


Holly Goldring
Sales Executive
Step Communications Ltd
May 2020

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