What makes a good salesperson? Is it sales figures? Or number of calls made? Actually, I think it’s trust and let me explain why.

The dictionary definition of trust is “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety etc., of a person or thing; confidence” and that’s why I believe trust is at the centre of a good salesperson’s behaviour. The way that you sell is just as important as what you sell. Today’s sales professionals must differentiate themselves in the mind of their prospect because people want to do business with people they respect, understand and trust.

  1. Whatever the state of the market, you must get your share of what is around. Cutting back on your advertising puts you at a disadvantage at the very time when you need an edge. Increasing your advertising delivers that edge. Karcher, the pressure washer company, have doubled their TV presence right now.

Here’s some tips for ensuring that you get the best out of working from home as a sales professional.

Plan your sales day to include researching and preparing for both today and tomorrow. Ensure that you have a specific number of qualified sales leads ready to call from first thing each morning. Here’s a 10-point list of criteria for qualifying sales leads:

“We’ve got a readership of 5,500 on a monthly basis who will see your advert – do you want a quarter page or a half page?”

“We’re expecting over 7000 visitors over the 3 days of the show and you’ll be joining the 250 exhibitors who’ve already signed up – how many square metres do you want?”

I am often asked this question and I think it should be changed to “what does an effective sales team sound like?” That’s easier to answer. I’m in a sales office at 08:00 in the morning and it’s noisy. Sales executives are making sales calls, they’re on headsets and waving arms in the air as they walk around.

Others are enthusiastically planning the morning’s calls and discussing the goals for today. Another group are reviewing yesterday’s objections and how they intend to respond. I can hear the usual banter, gossip and jokes mixed in with professional sales conversations. I can feel motivation and self-belief in the air and hear loud applause when sales figures are marked up on the whiteboard.

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