1. Whatever the state of the market, you must get your share of what is around. Cutting back on your advertising puts you at a disadvantage at the very time when you need an edge. Increasing your advertising delivers that edge. Karcher, the pressure washer company, have doubled their TV presence right now.
  1. In times of uncertainty, buyers are careful and a little reluctant to spend because they want to be sure before they buy. They want information and one of the ways they get this – about products, services, prices and value - is from advertising. Yours. Or your competitors.
  2. You think others in your sector are going to cut back their advertising so it’s safe for you to do so? Possibly not. You’re in competition for the buyer’s £ with every other company in business, no matter what they sell. People only have so much to spend and if they don’t spend it on what you sell, they’ll spend it on something else.
  3. We know we’re in uncertain times but people still need and want goods and services and they will spend for them. There is business out there to get. Your competitors will be bidding for their share. And yours too, if you let them.
  4. You can’t do much about many factors in today’s marketplace – coronavirus of course but also rent, labour costs, prices and what the competition will do. But one thing you do control is your own promotion. Remember - advertising is not simply a cost of doing business, it is a proven sales tool that delivers significant ROI in customer traffic and sales. According to the Advertising Association, £1 invested drives £6 in growth and GDP.
  5. Remember how long it took you to get started? Once you build up a business, you can keep it going with a moderate consistent advertising programme. But if you cut your advertising and lose your hold on the market’s awareness, you’ll find it’s much harder to build it up again. It’s like starting all over again. Proctor & Gamble recently announced it will double-down on its advertising and Unilever has increased its TV ads by 100% compared to this time last year.
  6. Your advertising is part of your sales force. Advertisements help to pre-sell the customer and help you close the sale faster. What saves time saves money.
  7. You say your customers know you and will wait for a while. At least they’ll keep contacting you even if you don’t promote. Whilst that’s partly true, it is short-sighted. Remember, people are always moving in and out of the area. There’s a steady flow of your customers going out of your market and a corresponding influx of people who don’t know you at all. Tell them about yourself.
  8. Here’s a fact to consider. Over any given period, a company that advertises below the industry average has sales that are below the industry average.
  9. Advertising promotes brand awareness and reinforces brand reputational credibility. That is essential when customers are researching who they can trust and, by definition, who they should buy from.

Ten reasons why you should increase your advertising with us. Call now and we’ll help you plan a programme that will pay dividends in both customer traffic and revenue generation.

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