Aims & Objectives


To help Sales Managers explore the management component of their role, refresh and develop the skills and techniques involved in effective people management and enhance personal styles of management.


  • Identifying the role of Sales Manager today.
  • Examining the techniques of effective self organisation including time management and delegation.
  • Investigating the process of effective communications at both management and team levels and the impact on team working.
  • Exploring the principles of leadership, including motivating the individual and inspiring the team.
  • Reviewing strategies and skill sets for coaching and developing others, including delivering training sessions both on and off-job.
  • Identifying issues concerned with managing performance, with particular emphasis on performance appraisal and managing under-performance.
  • Examining the practices and principles of effective sales planning.
  • Establishing a professional approach for recruiting including the skills and techniques required for conducting effective selection interviews.
  • Practising all of the above through a variety of activities and exercises, receiving feedback on the outcome and developing personal styles and strengths as a result.
  • Designing personal action plans to promote the transfer of learning to the workplace and agreeing time frames for evaluating results and achievements.

Delegate Feedback


  • "The course was fun and Paul was brilliant, in that he was able to remember points we had all raised individually and refer back to them each time they came up throughout the course."
  • "I thought the training was productive, helping to refresh previous ideas/training and gave me new ideas about how to work. The trainer was also very positive and I felt I learnt a lot from him."
  • "Paul Streeter was an excellent trainer and I would be very keen to attend future courses that he runs."
  • "I was particularly impressed with Paul's training and look forward to benefiting from further modules."
  • "Paul was highly professional and taught in a way where everything I learnt was easy to remember and very practical in use."
  • "The trainer is brilliant. I don’t actually think he could have been any better."
  • "Paul is the most skilled external trainer I have worked with over the last 3 years."
  • "Fantastic as usual; looking forward to the next round of courses!"
  • "Extremely useful training session."
  • "Great morning with a great trainer! It made me think much more about things I've learnt in the past but have perhaps let slide!"
  • "I think Paul is fantastic! This is the second training session I've had with him and he is engaging, interesting and informative. The entire group really seemed to benefit from the session."
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